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Key Themes

Health promotion themes 

  • ​Physical activity: The partnership is leveraging the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ to Increase levels of physical activity through national and sub national policy and interventions aimed at increasing knowledge, awareness and motivation; creating enabling physical environments; increasing access to physical activity, exercise and sports programs and services, and strengthening governance and information systems to support sustained and effective implementation. 
  • Nutrition and healthy diets: Promote and protect healthy food and healthy food environments, focusing on: (i) healthy diets in and around sports stadia and schools; and (ii) other parts of the community of country, through developing, implementing, monitoring and enforcing comprehensive policy for healthy, safe and sustainable food. ​
  • Mental health: The importance of mental health is widely understood and benefits from sport in many ways, from the promotion of teamwork and collaboration to support communities, to the pursuit of physical activity, recognized as having links with good mental health.
  • Tobacco control: Effective tobacco control is a leading promoter of good health through protecting people from tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke, including at mega sporting events. At the FIFA World Cup, smoke-free stadiums and bans on tobacco marketing are among key protections offered to protect people from this deadly product. Benefits of these measures will help promote and protect the health of sports followers at future mega sporting events.​
Health security​

Keeping sporting events safe, through a commitment to health security, is a fundamental pillar of the Healthy World Cup Qatar 2022™ project. From ensuring implementation of mass gathering protocols outside and inside stadiums, to adhering to control measures to protect people from infectious disease outbreaks, health security plays an essential role in ensuring the health and well-being of the participants in mega sporting events.


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