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Pre-Travel Advice

​​ To ensure your time in Qatar is as enjoyable as possible, the Ministry of Public Health recommends the following measures prior to arrival in Qatar.​

Ensure your vaccination status is up to date 
  • ​COVID-19: It is recommended that all visitors to Qatar are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including all booster does for which they are eligible, prior to arrival 
  • Influenza: It is recommended that all visitors to Qatar receive their seasonal influenza vaccination prior to arrival
Get a routine health check
The Ministry of Public Health recommends visitors have a routine health check with a medical professional within 6 weeks prior to traveling to Qatar. This will help identify any underlying health issues and provide peace of mind for visitors. This should also include a dental check-up. 

Bring a spare pair of prescription glasses
For those visitors who wear glasses it is advisable to bring at least two pairs of glasses, just in case one pair gets lost or damaged.

Know your blood group
Everyone should be aware of their blood group, but this is especially important when traveling abroad. Make sure you know your blood group and write it down on a document and keep it safe with other health documents.

Bring prescription medication with you
Qatar has many local pharmacies from which visitors can purchase over the counter medication, but it is advisable for visitors to bring adequate supplies of prescription medication to cover their period of stay.

 Weather in Qatar
The weather in Qatar during the month of November/December is between 30 during the day to lower than 15 degrees Celsius in the evenings. Make sure you:​
  • ​Pack suitable clothing 
  • Bring asthma medication if you require their use, or refer to the health services section​ for information on available pharmacies
  • If you are planning extra-curricular activities or adventures, make sure you use the right safety clothes and equipment, such as helmets and suitable clothing for that activity.

 Contact Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health if you have specialist healthcare needs

Visiting fans with chronic medical conditions requiring specialist treatment (for example dialysis) are requested to contact the Ministry of Public Health prior to arrival in Qatar. 
These individuals should submit details of their medical condition and treatment needs via the option below:
• Telephone: +974 4406 9963​ from outs​ide Qatar or 16000​​ ​inside Qatar. 

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